A King's Request/A surprised Target

12th Entry

So upon our entry with the guards we were met with stares because of the Orc that was accompanied us. I noticed that the man leading the strike squad is none other than my old friend Linden. I explained everything to him and all was well again. It felt a little weird to have to assert myself among the soldiers. But I did it without even thinking in the moment. We went to be debriefed by Goldcrest and the King. We caught him up on everything that was happening outside of the walls. And he had a very interesting request that frankly caught me off guard. He asked that we take his daughter up North. Everyone else around me agreed without question. And Lamia agreed for some crazy price I am sure. I told the King that I needed a moment to process everything. I have been dealing with problems and chaos for the better part of 2 months. And I simply needed time to think and be with my family. The King understood and granted me the time. So the first thing I did was speak to my Mother. I told my mother what happened and the kind of person Lamia is. Mimi pia aliiambia mama yangu kuhusu taarifa mwalimu mkuu wangu alinipa juu ya nguvu za giza. I really needed her council. She told me bíak’is, ánííníshní ak’is. I knew she was right, but man it is definitely going to be a challenge. I spoke with mom about helping the capital and potentially leaving this place and heading somewhere safe. I spoke with Asha on the matter as well. And we had a bit of a back and forth about it. But agreed that it did need to happen. After a day of spending with my family and getting some of my things repaired and replaced I went to the King to give him my answer. I told him that I would get the princess to the North. But I did ask him why me? After all I am no warrior. Apparently it was Geoffram Goldcrest who gave me the recommendation. I was also told to meet with him as well. I had make a request just in case things got out of hand when we reached our destination. I first went to try to retrieve my books from my safe out in the field. So I snuck out by myself and into the Orcs camps only to find someone had picked one of my locks. And completely emptied the safe. I also heard about the Witch running things there. That has to be Sharla. But I lost my temper a little, and thought since they want to read my things so badly I will make sure that is the only thing they can do. And I blew up there supply. Then rushed back to the Capital timed with the Calvary. My trip wasn’t totally a loss. A horse from a fallen soldier is how I made it back in one piece. Covered in blood but in one piece and she was gifted to me by the leader of that Calvary strike. Apparently weeks after my father’s passing my name still carries a bit of gravity around the soldiers. I have to be careful how many of them see me. thankfully it was only a few high ranking members. I was still angry and wanted to take vengeance. I went to the only other person who was like a father figure to me. Arthures Goldcrest himself. His insight was invaluable, and what I really needed to hear. I was provided with a change of clothes and headed to see Geoffram. He wasn’t too happy about what I had did. More so the risk I took. We had an in depth conversation and came to a understanding of everything that was at stake. I then went to speak Asha again about what I had found out. We then had an intense conversation about the information at hand. And why it was being targeted. My archeological finds and research accelerated a plan countless years in the making. Astrana was a long planned strike point. We in our quest for knowledge collect the bones which provides them with an army already there. The Shuram necromancer circle in the wing of darkness is what boosted the power and range of the spells at work. Thus making me the target of whoever has been planning this whole thing over the years. I pushed things ahead probably by decades on in. The temple was a place of necromancy and I helped them. Or did I complicate things. If I laid everything out as easy as I think there would be no need to look for me. There must be something or somethings missing. There are still going to try to search for me. Meaning my family needs to leave shortly after I do. I told Asha and Amir what needed to happen where they needed to go. I told Geoffram of my findings. And while he doesn’t always see the point in them he can’t deny their relevance. Mimi nilimwambia nini alikuwa anakuja. Mimi nilimwambia yeye mahitaji ya kuwa roho. Tunaweza kujenga mtandao chini ya ardhi. Kisha kuingiliwa mimi kuonyesha yangu barua akisema maneno sawa sana. Katika hati kaka yangu. Geoffram apologized to me, but I understood his reasons. Shínaaí liná! Shił bééhózin.



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