A Month to Remember

20th Entry

As the time progressed I found myself gaining a place of balance. Darius is also finding his space as well. He is becoming more independent as time goes on. He will most likely become more advance in mathematics and problem solving than artifice. My physical training with Chakotay has really helped me adjust to the new arm. We don’t really speak much when we are together but the training is more intuitive than text book. As a result I have learned to use my dexterity, agility, and speed instead of trying to match power through technique. With the new stance I can move quicker in the snow. I am also able to use the added weight and strength of the new arm in combat with surprising ease. However the cane is still necessary for my daily walking. My physical balance is still slightly off. And while I can compensate for it without the cane it requires a little more energy to do so. With the cane I can manage to keep my explosiveness. Now if I can find a way to get my sword into the cane I might be in good shape. Maybe after I go to bloodstone keep I will look into that.
Aside from the training with Chakotay the work that I have been doing with dwarves have really made the finesse part of my new arm easy. These dwarves are seriously hard working people. And I love it. Honestly I wish was working on more projects like this back in Meliora. Maybe I could’ve prevented a lot of the lives lost. But I can not travel in the past. All I can do is focus on the future. With the “noble houses” having a fit my work is key for our future. Eli and Darius have been monumental in getting things done. And now that I have Roth up here I am able to work at my maximum efficiency. I know he won’t stay up here but I need to get as much done while he is here. It almost seems like a life time since I was able to really focus on a project that didn’t have to do with destruction. And this is the first time I have ever worked on a artifice project of this magnitude. I have to give Eli credit for coming up with the idea to build a city on top of dwarves and using their excess heat to keep everyone warm.
Working for the Dwarves has been hard work, but I love it. Putting my hands back to creativity is always a good familiar feeling. But what’s really cool and kind of interesting is myself, Obsidian, Gabber and Zahid have been knighted. I am not sure how I feel about being referred to by sir as a prefix. But with Obsidian I am happy to know that he is in a position of influence and power. I am not sure what his past is. Or what is up with his shadow. All I know is that throughout this entire madness I have never had to question his intent. Now it is just a matter of making sure that the dwarves respect his name too. Gabber should have been a knight a long time ago. He follows the law better than most who have the title. I am also happy that he has been promoted to general. His strategic mind is definitely something that needs to put to use. And the combination of Obs tactics with Gabber’s strategy is what will definitely help us make it through this. Zahid is another interesting one. He has a lot of compassion. And while sometimes it is out of place it is very much needed. Bringing him into the Maker’s Vault will be good for that very reason. The house of Zahil is one that will be known for it’s compassion and it’s fire.
Eli and his family will be a part of the Kugonza/RedCloud house. At least until he executes a major project. But he deserves a seat at the table. And this is the best I can do for him at the moment. I am not sure what will my house will be known for now. With my family scattered will we be forever fallen? Part of me wants to bring glory to my father’s name. But the other part of me wants be left alone to work. I want to be sure my family can be safe. Maybe I should have my sister teleport up here. Provided the church of the light doesn’t try to stop her. I do miss having them here. And with Chakotay up here it would be nice to be able to figure this whole thing out with family around. But I must be patient. Timing is everything. I am not suited to be a knight. Let alone be the face of major house. What if I fail. I don’t want to be what ends the legacy of Kugonza or RedCloud. But at last, I can’t entertain those thoughts. Not now, not ever. I think this is first time I really have put this much thought towards my family or my father. Oh I miss him so much. Being able to meditate with Darius has helped me really honor and mourn my father in introducing him to Darius mentally.



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