A Turning Point

21st Entry

So we have now taken back Bloodstone Keep. I found out a lot about my traveling partners. Most crucial Obsidian. His past may lead to more information about the enemy and how to prepare. I had no idea that a Drow would be involved. I want to touch base with the Elves and see if a Drow being involved will possibly get their involvement. Maybe to finally put a stop to this war once and for all. The Ma’Aleki, Atmarian, Azuland√©, Kyodenese, and Jin would be a big help. This is potentially a global evil. But trying to get that many nations involved in this would be nearly impossible. And to get them to see on one accord is would require a magical wish. I am not a politician nor am I especially gifted in those areas. But I guess I will have Ludwig teach me. And the Queen might help me in this as well. For I fear even if we win this war it is only a small battle in spectrum of history.
Things are building up. With all that is going on internally, this a little much to handle. My planning is now becoming crucial for the war ahead. The covert group that me and my brother started has grown like we had hoped. I may have to bring Ludwig into a secret section of the Makers Vault. He wants to do more and frankly I want to let him. But the people here are not all on board. So we may have to do things outside of what aligns with everyone’s morals. But I am not sure when is the best time to initiate phase 2 of the Makers Vault(Occultis Aperta or Underground Archetypes). The name may be changed in the future but we all know that the Makers Vault will eventually be public and essentially house all of the Kingsmen/Queensmen. Including the return of Commander Geoffram Goldcrest. But that is for the war and post war. The church is now beginning to take action. It makes me wonder what is the reason for their sudden increased involvement. They either see an opportunity or they see a potential problem in the near future. Or maybe it’s part of their planned timing. They are also giving me access to their sacred grounds. I doubt it is because of trust. But rather they are just as if not more concerned/curious about what truths I may uncover. But right now I am concerned about my prosthetic. I had to shatter the Bloodstone in order to make sure we didn’t die and to finally put an end to the madness. I felt a power and a improved connection with my arm. I am not sure if I should give in to this power or not. What will happen when I am in battle next time. Do I give in to this power? What happens to me if I do? And what will the church see when I walk onto their ground? Will it activate this pendant? Or will it activate something within Cydonia’s sacred grounds? But I noticed that the information that I was inquiring about and sharing were above my handler’s pay grade. The questions seem endless. But time tends to reveal what research won’t.
Looks like the Westbrooks are willing to join the Makers Vault as well. But Nathaniel has been rather secretive with the origins of my pendant. And with his daughter Sylvia. But I need to know why. He at first strongly refused. Then he begged me to stop looking into this. But he gave me a coin to help me inquire about the information with another contact in Cydonia. I showed him Artemis’s ring and he let out a big laugh. Hopefully this long awaited trip to Cydonia will answer all the questions related to this situation. Without getting anyone killed. But with the way things have been going I feel like even that is a tall order. Speaking of which I need to think about an additional bargaining chip to give the Queen leverage. Lastly I need to figure out the best route to and from Cydonia. I want to get the Elves aid in this madness as well. But I am not sure if we will be welcomed. With my sister at least travel will be easier. I also need to make contact with the Makers Vault so maybe go the short way to Cydonia. And the Elven route back via teleportation. Only time will tell what everyone agrees to.



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