15th Entry

I continue to study the information gained from the capital. I think I will have made the necessary progress to be up to date. The collaborative efforts of the team has made travel quite easy. Methods to extend food and water. Making travel a lot easier for the elderly and children and setting up traps to keep distance while chipping away at their numbers. I must say this taking it easy business is a nice change of pace. I am able to analyze my thoughts. Study information and even continue to develop my personal projects. We have arrived about 8 hours outside of Belaros. Home. Belaros is a crazy place. And far from paradise. But with all that is going on. I miss it. To avoid complications with the Princess’s arrival myself and Artemis decided to ride ahead. We get to the outer area and notice a camp has been set up for refugees trying to escape the orc hoard. After further investigation we decided to head to the gate. We were met by a couple of guards who were less than hospitable. But my family’s crest got us into the Belaros. After a talk with the Mayor I find out that the Goldcrest died just before the King surrendered. If Goldcrest followed my instructions then there is a chance that he and others may be still alive. I do hope my family made it out of the capital as well. But with everything that has happened that makes the Princess, now the Queen. This will be hard on her as it would be hard on most. Thankfully I will have time to figure out how to tell her. In the meantime I will see who all made it up here from Astrana. While searching for the Westbrooks I managed to run into The Curator Master Jonas Lightweave. Ngemuva ingxoxo ebanzi kuvela sikwazi basizane. Ufuna kabusha Museum and umtapo. Nakuba mina ukwakha inethiwekhi komhlaba. Sobabili kudingeka izinto ukuhlala ethule futhi ebusweni. With ezweni umndeni wami ukuthi nakanjani kalula kwenziwa. With Roth here I can possibly get him to help with creating the Muumba wa kuba. After my meeting with Lightweave I managed to catch up with Roth. Apparently no one has been able to get ahold of Headmaster Sorenos. I hope he is okay. Roth ivumile ukujoyina nami futhi Jonas amabombo ezweni umndeni wami. This is perfect. Finally some key pieces are falling in place. And with these 2 in place that saves me a huge amount of time and work. Not to mention an added resource. I am not sure who I can let in on this, within our group. Ludwig is definitely needed. Possibly Artemis although I am a little cautious of his agendas. I feel like there is more to be discussed with him. But definitely a likely person. Obs will probably stay with the Orc Kingdom once we get there. Zahet is an interesting one. While I have no reason to mistrust him I fear that his open nature could put me in a dangerous position. And that leaves Isley Lamia. He is definitely powerful and Intelligent. But he is selfish and quite bratty. Not to mention arrogant. His arrogance and brat like behavior makes me heavily question of what he can be trusted with. After his short sighted behavior and is inability to humble himself I have determined that he is more of a liability than an asset. And can not be trusted with the lives of those depending on me. The Queen will still need me for some things. So I will stay close enough to be of use to her. But in order for me to move forward with Muumba wa kuba and everything else that is to come I can not worry about Lamia and the Orcs all the time. So I have to pick my battles and my moments. And this is not my time. Nor is it a battle I can win right now. My focus is on my brother and the rest of those willing to fight.



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