Bullshit in it's Finest Hour

19th Entry

It has been quite some time since I really sat down and picked up a pen. Well I got the answers I needed about the bombing. And it was definitely the Cydonian church. They wasted no time with that. And frankly I can’t say that I blame them. Lamia was attempting to create others like him. But that wasn’t going to happen one way or the other. What I don’t get is why let me in on their reasons for the decision making? Something isn’t right. Also they wasted no time getting those damn explosives off but still haven’t given me any other aid. Can’t say that I am too surprised. It is the church after all. But it was too little too late. It seems like I have made a true enemy out of Lamia. But that is besides the point. I have so much work to do. Crunching numbers. Helping people. Bonding with Darius. Which I am not sure if it was a good idea to bring in another life. I am just hoping he learns quickly. Elijah did manage to give me some hope and remind me of what I was doing this for. His ideas for a proper city atop the Dwarvern kingdom. The annoying girl Heirophant turned out to be a killer with a twisted sense of justice. I agreed to take responsibility for her for our travels. But on another note the so called noble houses took control in the Queen’s absence. And with the Queen missing we didn’t have the time to really put up much of a fight. We set out to the Dwarves in hope that we can beg the King to take us in. Especially given the unknown but likely status of the Queen. And of course we encountered quite a few enemies. Fuck I hate Mondays…

So as we continued up the mountain we encountered more enemies. This time it was frost giants. For he most part the battle went well. Except I got the shit smacked out of me. And I lost my arm. Along with probably a couple of broken ribs. I am really not made for this hero life. But to my surprise the group actually came to my rescue. From what they told me I was unconscious for a little bit. But they pumped me full of potions and alcohol. So after the dragon popping up and eating frost Giants I don’t really remember much of anything else regarding the journey. But apparently I showed up to the Dwarven kingdom completely wasted. Not one of my finest moments. Frankly this whole trip has been quite the shit show for me. I failed to keep the Queen safe, Dax is killed. The “Noble Houses” took control and now I am writing this with the only arm I have. Yep this is some bullshit in it’s finest hour…



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