14th Entry

So the choice to go from a quick stealth mission to a convoy has been made by the princess. But encouraged by Lamia. I regretfully revealed my presence to everyone to help the princess this time. But I can not afford to do so again. I fear that I have put others at risk by doing this. This is probably the last time I help with this choice. I have been spending more of my time and energy checking on everyone. And scouting with Artemis. To add onto things we had to engage the Orc scouting party. I have been injured and my body simply doesn’t have anything left in the tank. And it’s only been one day. And I still have not addressed everything else that needs to be done before reaching Bellaros. I thought this was a terrible idea when it was suggested. Now I know it is. No way in hell I can do this all the way to the Dwarven mountains. I still have the other part of my mission that I have not been able to do. Something has to give and the rest of Meliora is depending on my success. I spoke with the princess in regard to her less than please attitude with me. I held my tongue for the princess. We have come to some understanding. But my choices are clear and I need to be smart even if that means everyone else think of me to be cold and cruel. Far too much is at stake to be concerned with bruised egos and hurt feelings. I had a surprising but long overdue conversation with Lamia. His words were none to surprising to me. But his tone seem to catch my curiosity a little. His strategy is clear but I still question the chance of it’s success. A dozen men do not stand a chance against a hoard of Orcs. I will continue to work with Ludwig on a few gifts for our angry friends in the meantime. I have a lot to consider and plan before I can progress properly. Fortunately the pace that we are moving at is slow enough for me to make up for the lost time. But I also need to compensate by pushing my progress ahead by at least 36-48 hours. At the very least I will be able to continue on constructing my library.



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