In Between

16th Entry

It seems like much time has passed but in reality it has only been a little over a week. After meeting with both Roth and Lightweave it seems like it is now possible to get the things started. I have opted to share some of the information with the party as a whole. But frankly I doubt any of them will actually help. Ihe m ịchọpụta banyere Artemis ihe m na-aghọta na ọ bụrụ na m ike imere nri ụdị njikọ na chọọchị. Maybe I could build a network to surpass the Crimson Shadow. But that would require a lot of things to fall into place. M ka mgbagwoju anya banyere Goldcrest ma nwanne m nwoke bụ n’ụzọ doro anya na-aga . Ugbu a na m mere na kọntaktị na chọọchị nke ìhè m mkpa na-amalite amalite na-eme ọrụ na-eme ka njikọ na iji wuo m na netwọk. I am also close to translating the languages of the ancients. Reaching out to Lamia with the help of Ludwig may prove useful. I am still not certain if he is reliable or not. After seeing what Lamia and Aarna can do in battle they need to be informed. Besides it will do us no good if Sharla and those that stand with her know more about what is going on than our party. Looks like it might be time to start sharing some information. Ludwig may not find any interest. But Zahet, Lamia and Aarna will definitely appreciate it.Ma eleghị anya, m ga- eme ka ha n’ime Onye kere si volt ji nwayọọ nwayọọ na. But we will see how that will progress. I am sure that Lamia is going to try to do something utilizing the black blade of Aarna. Until I can fully translate the text there isn’t much I can do about it. But I am getting close I can feel it. Not needing much sleep has definitely helped me in that progress. But I don’t dream anymore. And that greatly concerns me. Not to mention constructing my mind palace has become a little difficult. I think after this trip is complete I will have to remove the ring of sustenance. In the meantime I have a lot of work to do and this is probably the ideal time to get it done. I have also met a freshman from Astrana eager to learn so it looks like I have taken on an apprentice for the time being. He is smart, and he has the spark. His potential is remarkable as long as he doesn’t get ahead of himself. And after speaking with the Queen it seems like we are back to were we use to be with each other. Which is good I could use some normalcy in my life once in a while. But I digress, having Dax run things has greatly helped everyone. I know that the Queen is uneasy about it and doesn’t trust him. Frankly I don’t blame her. But he is something that is needed. Lastly I think some adjustments need to be made in order to protect the Queen. I will try my best to teach her what I can in regards to combat. I will also arm her with a hidden blade as well. She might as well be able to defend herself as best as possible. But I think it is something that will have to remain between the 2 of us for the time being. We are approaching our next stopping point. Looks like we are all in a transition point. Hopefully we will become more than what we are.



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