In Route/Reflection

13th Entry

So we managed to slam together some crazy ass plan to leave quickly. Geoffram was made aware just before I left. Same with my family. Somehow we managed to escape without involving too many people. And now that all of this is done, it is time that I grow up and stop allowing myself to be distracted. I can now give proper focus to everything at stake. Knowing what was sacrificed for the information I lost, but according to Amir I have it all in my mind. So it is time I start going on my own recovery mission until I find Headmaster Sorenos. Pallavi aliniambia kuwa karatasi za inquisitor takatifu ya si kweli. Kwa kweli amekuwa akifanya kazi chini ya jina uongo. Haina kufanya mimi ajabu nini siri hakuweza kuwa mafichoni? Na sasa nina kuwa Architect kwa roho kitengo. Mimi lazima pia kuendeleza lugha ambazo zinaweza wote wamesikia na kuona katika ndege mbele bila kupata mawazo ya kila mtu . Kitu ambacho si kwa urahisi kutafsiriwa lakini rahisi kutosha kukumbuka. The rest of the time I have to meditate and figure out how to get everything I have ever seen to be accessible. A lot is at stake. And with no help from Cydonia things are about to become extremely difficult. But not impossible. But first the princess needs to get to safety. The church is aware of our last location which is why we had to leave when we did. Hopefully we were able to move fast enough to not be followed. The first night I have the princess stay out of town as we can not risk anybody know she is here. And I am able to really focus on recovering my information which is working. Before I fall asleep I lay awake reflecting on everything my father, Amir and Arthures said to me about time slowing down in combat. I seem to be getting a lot better at. I can control when it happens in combat. And I am able to do it more often. The time length always varies. But I am really getting the hang of this. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. Also a lot of people have been questioning if my inventions are really me? Meanwhile I being told that I am wasting my time if I don’t apply my ingenuity to combat related things. I mean what am I suppose to do. Both are needed right now. There are times where I need the extra help in combat. And there are times where I will need to recover objects quickly and quietly. Why can’t people understand that? If that means I become viewed as my father’s son, then I welcome it. What I accomplished before his passing made proud of me for the first time. And that seem to be finding my own ground to stand on. It is nice to finally have a night to sort these thoughts. For the first time in a while I can sleep peacefully.



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