A Letter to Pallavi

Pallavi I just want to start out by thanking you for everything you’ve done for me. From being a good friend to saving my life countless times. Plus my brother’s life. I can not thank you enough. Inside this box is everything I was able to find on your father, rather where he is from. Unfortunately my knowledge is really limited. But it might give you some points to start when this is all over. You have my word that if I am still alive that I will help you in your search. Isa bŏksa kē sātha maiṁ uttara diśā mēṁ yātrā karanē kā irādā mārga hai. Aba maiṁ hara kisī kē li’ē agalē kyā hō rahā hai yakīna nahīṁ kara rahā. Lēkina mujhē lagatā hai ki maiṁ aisā karanē kā prayāsa karēṅgē kyā patā hai. Tumhēṁ patā hai maiṁ jā rahā hūm̐ aura mērē parivāra kō kahām̐ jā rahā hai, jahāṁ patā hai. Maiṁ apanē kāma khatma karanē kē bāda maiṁ apanē svayaṁ kē kasṭama bhāṣā kē vikāsa kē li’ē karība hōnā cāhi’ē. Yōjanā ēka bhūta nēṭavarka banānē kē li’ē hai. Pūrī taraha uga aura Golvorithians khilāpha pratirōdha pradāna karanē kē prayāsa mēṁ hara kisī sē chipā. Śāyada yaha bhī sahī mātrā mēṁ lōgōṁ kē li’ē iṇṭēla pradāna karatē haiṁ. Yaha apanī mūla bhāṣā mēṁ likhā hai aura ēka kāraṇa kē li’ē kōḍita hai. Usakē bāda usē jalā isa patra para āpa kē li’ē chōṛa diyā sūcī kē li’ē isa adhyayana. Isa patra kō lē jā rahā thā ki bŏksa ēka viśiṣṭa tālā hai aura isē sudhāranē kē li’ē apanē jñāna kī jarūrata hai. Hama milatē haiṁ agalī bāra. Hama ēka dūsarē kō dēkhatē haiṁ, tō phira maiṁ isa māmalē para apanē nōṭsa aura sujhāvōṁ kē li’ē tatpara hōgā. Maiṁ taba taka usa para sudhāra hai.

Paścima nālē mahilā mērē li’ē ēka samāna laṭakana hai.
Maiṁ apanē parivāra kī bhūmi sē banda hō jā’ēgā
sampatti para chipā ḍibbōṁ mēṁ ēka chōṭē sē adhika jānakārī nahīṁ hōgī
yahām̐ para bāhara sē racanā kē rūpa mēṁ mērē mēkarsa mārka kē li’ē dēkhō

In Route/Reflection
13th Entry

So we managed to slam together some crazy ass plan to leave quickly. Geoffram was made aware just before I left. Same with my family. Somehow we managed to escape without involving too many people. And now that all of this is done, it is time that I grow up and stop allowing myself to be distracted. I can now give proper focus to everything at stake. Knowing what was sacrificed for the information I lost, but according to Amir I have it all in my mind. So it is time I start going on my own recovery mission until I find Headmaster Sorenos. Pallavi aliniambia kuwa karatasi za inquisitor takatifu ya si kweli. Kwa kweli amekuwa akifanya kazi chini ya jina uongo. Haina kufanya mimi ajabu nini siri hakuweza kuwa mafichoni? Na sasa nina kuwa Architect kwa roho kitengo. Mimi lazima pia kuendeleza lugha ambazo zinaweza wote wamesikia na kuona katika ndege mbele bila kupata mawazo ya kila mtu . Kitu ambacho si kwa urahisi kutafsiriwa lakini rahisi kutosha kukumbuka. The rest of the time I have to meditate and figure out how to get everything I have ever seen to be accessible. A lot is at stake. And with no help from Cydonia things are about to become extremely difficult. But not impossible. But first the princess needs to get to safety. The church is aware of our last location which is why we had to leave when we did. Hopefully we were able to move fast enough to not be followed. The first night I have the princess stay out of town as we can not risk anybody know she is here. And I am able to really focus on recovering my information which is working. Before I fall asleep I lay awake reflecting on everything my father, Amir and Arthures said to me about time slowing down in combat. I seem to be getting a lot better at. I can control when it happens in combat. And I am able to do it more often. The time length always varies. But I am really getting the hang of this. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. Also a lot of people have been questioning if my inventions are really me? Meanwhile I being told that I am wasting my time if I don’t apply my ingenuity to combat related things. I mean what am I suppose to do. Both are needed right now. There are times where I need the extra help in combat. And there are times where I will need to recover objects quickly and quietly. Why can’t people understand that? If that means I become viewed as my father’s son, then I welcome it. What I accomplished before his passing made proud of me for the first time. And that seem to be finding my own ground to stand on. It is nice to finally have a night to sort these thoughts. For the first time in a while I can sleep peacefully.

A King's Request/A surprised Target
12th Entry

So upon our entry with the guards we were met with stares because of the Orc that was accompanied us. I noticed that the man leading the strike squad is none other than my old friend Linden. I explained everything to him and all was well again. It felt a little weird to have to assert myself among the soldiers. But I did it without even thinking in the moment. We went to be debriefed by Goldcrest and the King. We caught him up on everything that was happening outside of the walls. And he had a very interesting request that frankly caught me off guard. He asked that we take his daughter up North. Everyone else around me agreed without question. And Lamia agreed for some crazy price I am sure. I told the King that I needed a moment to process everything. I have been dealing with problems and chaos for the better part of 2 months. And I simply needed time to think and be with my family. The King understood and granted me the time. So the first thing I did was speak to my Mother. I told my mother what happened and the kind of person Lamia is. Mimi pia aliiambia mama yangu kuhusu taarifa mwalimu mkuu wangu alinipa juu ya nguvu za giza. I really needed her council. She told me bíak’is, ánííníshní ak’is. I knew she was right, but man it is definitely going to be a challenge. I spoke with mom about helping the capital and potentially leaving this place and heading somewhere safe. I spoke with Asha on the matter as well. And we had a bit of a back and forth about it. But agreed that it did need to happen. After a day of spending with my family and getting some of my things repaired and replaced I went to the King to give him my answer. I told him that I would get the princess to the North. But I did ask him why me? After all I am no warrior. Apparently it was Geoffram Goldcrest who gave me the recommendation. I was also told to meet with him as well. I had make a request just in case things got out of hand when we reached our destination. I first went to try to retrieve my books from my safe out in the field. So I snuck out by myself and into the Orcs camps only to find someone had picked one of my locks. And completely emptied the safe. I also heard about the Witch running things there. That has to be Sharla. But I lost my temper a little, and thought since they want to read my things so badly I will make sure that is the only thing they can do. And I blew up there supply. Then rushed back to the Capital timed with the Calvary. My trip wasn’t totally a loss. A horse from a fallen soldier is how I made it back in one piece. Covered in blood but in one piece and she was gifted to me by the leader of that Calvary strike. Apparently weeks after my father’s passing my name still carries a bit of gravity around the soldiers. I have to be careful how many of them see me. thankfully it was only a few high ranking members. I was still angry and wanted to take vengeance. I went to the only other person who was like a father figure to me. Arthures Goldcrest himself. His insight was invaluable, and what I really needed to hear. I was provided with a change of clothes and headed to see Geoffram. He wasn’t too happy about what I had did. More so the risk I took. We had an in depth conversation and came to a understanding of everything that was at stake. I then went to speak Asha again about what I had found out. We then had an intense conversation about the information at hand. And why it was being targeted. My archeological finds and research accelerated a plan countless years in the making. Astrana was a long planned strike point. We in our quest for knowledge collect the bones which provides them with an army already there. The Shuram necromancer circle in the wing of darkness is what boosted the power and range of the spells at work. Thus making me the target of whoever has been planning this whole thing over the years. I pushed things ahead probably by decades on in. The temple was a place of necromancy and I helped them. Or did I complicate things. If I laid everything out as easy as I think there would be no need to look for me. There must be something or somethings missing. There are still going to try to search for me. Meaning my family needs to leave shortly after I do. I told Asha and Amir what needed to happen where they needed to go. I told Geoffram of my findings. And while he doesn’t always see the point in them he can’t deny their relevance. Mimi nilimwambia nini alikuwa anakuja. Mimi nilimwambia yeye mahitaji ya kuwa roho. Tunaweza kujenga mtandao chini ya ardhi. Kisha kuingiliwa mimi kuonyesha yangu barua akisema maneno sawa sana. Katika hati kaka yangu. Geoffram apologized to me, but I understood his reasons. Shínaaí liná! Shił bééhózin.

The Fall of the Order of Astrana/Heading back to the Capital
11th Entry

But something happened drawing our attention to the sectioned off part of the school. I needed to go investigate and Asha would not let me. So for the first time I had to tell her what I was going to do and why. Not asking. Frankly I thought she was going to turn me into something on the spot. But she angrily let me go. We then traveled in there and my surprise I found more Shuram markings in a circle. I made note of them and drew a sketch. Artemis said he had seen those markings before as well. While there were fallen Magus I remained focused on the information at hand. And what was causing the fallen to rise again. We fled the area and warned everyone there what we had found. Me and Asha immediately went back to talk theories and translations. Artemis joined us. We found out that it was a high level teleportation spell. 1 that got past the 9’s barrier. Later that night after dinner an emergency happened. Asha, Amir and Tala already had packed their things and were ready to go. Pallavi was nowhere to be found. I figured she left the South Gate to get back to Astrana. But I have no idea where she went. Plus all of her things are gone out of her dorm and my loft. More undead had risen and flooded the school. It also began to rain blood, which is odd since the 9 control the weather here. Could 1 of the 9 be dead or compromised? Dammit this is not what I need right now. As we all fled the school we saw that fucking bone dragon in the water. I knew that thing was a bad idea when I got back. The legendary wind dragon came to fight the bone dragon. And we had to deal with the sorcerer who managed to escape but not without taking a little damage first. The legendary wind dragon won but only for the black dragon from before to come and kill it in it’s weakened state. We rode onward barely escaping Astrana. And here I am again, on the road, more bloodshed and another place fallen. What should I do next except for ride on to the capital. We ride off to the Capital as Mr. Lee Gahzel revealed his real name Isley Lamia. What a surprise, he was using a fake name. That wasioaminika nyoka kept consistent with his dull remarks and repetitive conversation. Which is proving to be both annoying and a distraction from my own thoughts at the moment. Which I do need for the time being. responding to him and pushing his buttons makes for decent road entertainment. While riding we come across an Orc camp. There are still Orcs in the area. We hear an Orc screaming for help. And while we have no obligation to help the Orc(s) in question. We do need to rid the area of the enemy if we want any kind of sleep. So we go in and take out the Orcs in the camp. Only to find a Orc murdered in the Large tent, another Orc beaten and bloodied. The injured Orc asked for us to help protect her sister. I saw this as an opportunity to get some much needed information and insight. Not to mention to prove that Orcs like any other living thing can make his or her own choices. I do realize that I am probably the only one who sees the benefits of having an Orc on our side. But at the very least I can get everyone to hold their blade by appealing to their logic. I was able to speak with the Orc and got valuable information and confirmation about the war. As we get closer to the Capital we noticed the huge numbers of Orcs surrounding the walls, creating a cutoff. But we somehow needed to get inside. So I came up with a plan for our new Orc friend to drop off some explosives myself and Ludwig created. Well not really sure what happened but this Orc lead our enemies back to us. Idiot. Well I wasted no time and I rode off with Running Cloud. While everyone was distracted I tried to get to the wall. Which would of worked but there was “mysterious” case of elementals that attacked my wagon. Which destroyed the wagon and killed my friend, my horse. But the only thing I could do is move forward and try to get everyone inside. After an intense battle the calvary strike came out to help us. I also noticed that Lamia was actually being kind and helping people. He didn’t notice that I saw him. But it is very interesting that he seems to be more humane when in his Umbradolous form. Labda moja mabaya hata mmoja katika nyeusi.

The Return to Astrana
10th Entry

After the fall of the South Gate aka Meliora’s stronghold I knew it was a matter of time before they set their sites on Astrana. But with all the professors, mages and the legendary 9 there. It is highly unlikely that Astrana will fall. But none the less I need to submit my findings, share the information of Father’s passing along with Jabari’s disappearance with Asha and Tala. Then finally get to the rest of the family and make sure the elders and young ones make it to the Dwarven North. Where they will be safe as war has set upon us. How am I going to tell my sisters that I am the reason Father died. Until I can get more information and talk with other people I won’t be able to make any progress at the moment. Oddly enough the only thing that is keeping me sane is Lee’s antagonizing conversation. Frankly the silence on the road would’ve probably drove me mad. But at last we make it to Astrana. Upon arriving I first met a Ma’Aleki named Zahet. Quite gifted with fire. And very charismatic. We spoke briefly then I went to meet with headmaster Sorenos. We discuss my findings, my concerns, and my questions on how to proceed. There were some interesting theories tossed around but then it hit me. What if this is all about recovering information? What if this is all connected even more deeper than I thought originally. But how? I ramble out loud to myself as Sorenos often allows me to do. I turn over all my original works to him but request that I keep my Great Grandfather’s journal. He agreed and made copies of everything. I gave my originals except for my great grandfather’s journal. I then go to meet with Asha. Probably one of the hardest things that I had to do. Word had already made it to her that Father had fallen. She wouldn’t let me apologize. I kept trying, but she wouldn’t hear a word of it. Instead she insisted that me and Jabari’s safety is what matters now. We had a few laughs despite the tragedy, and had a fond conversation of dad’s stubborn ways. After the mood had been lifted a bit I told her of my findings. And gave her the documents dealing with any potential magic the Shuram may have been using. I also had her hold the pendant and watched it’s reaction. And somewhat similar to how it reacted to me it separated itself piece by piece. But much slower and it didn’t have that rotating factor. Then it became one piece again. She also found it interesting as I shared how it reacted to Jabari and dad. After a lengthy conversation it was time I spoke with Tala. I found her rather distraught, and up to something a little more destructive than usual. Instead of scolding her I shown her what the aftermath of taking a life looks like. She understood and just hugged me. For the first time since dad’s death I was able to cry and mourn the loss. I spoke with Roth later on as he gave me the heads up about Tala’s potentially dangerous concoction. He also expressed his distaste for my wanting to share the crossbow tech with the military. Not having much left in the tank I agreed to make sure that such choices would be made without his consent. I spent more time in the lab before being called back to headmaster Sorenos. And man was he pissed. Apparently Artemis told the headmaster about Lee’s special ability. And while I did make a promise to not say a word frankly it was the furthest thing from my mind. This costly slip up almost got me expelled. But Artemis manage to appeal to the logic in Sorenos. My sister and Amir were not happy in the slightest. My sis let me know exactly how pissed she was. Meanwhile Amir passive aggressively took it out on my training. But I can’t say I blame them. I went to the Alchemist wing of the school to have my sister touch the pendant and ran into another student with quite the reputation for pushing the rules a bit. Ludwig von Uberlagen IV is a brilliant alchemist but he has a habit of doing what he wants as long as it produces results and answers. We spoke briefly but then I went to see Tala. I had Tala hold the pendant and it reacted very similar to our father. Except this time it exploded in several pieces, then put itself together just as quickly. I went back to the lab during the day to work on more of my improvements/inventions. And to study all of my notes/findings. In the midst of trying to make sense of this I was again called by Headmaster Sorenos along with Asha present. I noticed that Lamia was there. And everything ended just as well as one could expect. But none the less no one died, myself included. We had a private conversation about what it is that Lamia can do and the potential information. After Lamia had dismissed himself Headmaster Sorenos and I alizungumzia juu ya nguvu za giza kwamba alikuwa kugonga ndani ya. Yeye ni kugawana mwili wake na nafsi nyingine. Zaidi yeye mabomba katika nguvu kwamba , zaidi wengine roho faida kudhibiti. The last thing he told me before my departure was just be there. I finished up at the lab then spent more time with my family before I planned to set out on my journey.

1st Investigation/The Fall of The Fighting General
9th Entry

So it was brought to my attention that a beast similar in description to what I saw drawn in the temple was seen outside the South Gate. With everything going on I definitely had to give in to my curiosity and get further confirmation of my theory. Not to mention possibly get a major lead as to what is and has been going on. So I started packing up, but opted to leave Running Cloud behind. As I was making my way to leave the stronghold I noticed I was being joined by the people I had met before. This should be most interesting. I am going to investigate with 2 Cydonians and an Elf. Linden would remain to be trained by my father and join the ranks of the military. But as we progressed we found ourselves in a battle. Artemis was the was badly injured and Lee had a look in his eyes that had the intent of murder. I am beginning to see pieces of this person that I am not sure I like. My brother and I did what we could to fight the Orcs and Goblins off but the number game proved to be too much. Somehow Lee managed to negotiate our surrender. And Artemis was out of sight. Reminds me of a friend I know. When we were brought into the Orcs camp to my surprise the help that was suppose to come is sitting on the thrown with a female by his side. That did not go well for Mr. Lee Gahzel. He seemed to really lose his composure. Screaming and everything. They then threw us in cages with a magic barrier that wouldn’t allow me to touch the cage. But Artemis showed up taking out one of the guards and Lee asked myself and Jabari to agree to some terms that really have no barring on us. But we laid down our stipulations and he agreed. So he began shouting loudly, broke out of the cage and became one of the creatures I was looking for. But with our escape at hand we made our way back to the stronghold. Only to find the stronghold compromised. A dragon causing mayhem and havoc. I wish I knew what was going on. I also saw 2 circles moving through the crowd. One circle Melioran soldiers falling and the other Orcs falling. And in the middle of each was Gormash in one and my Father The General in the other. There was no way I would just stay and watch and without thinking I fought my way to the merge of the 2 circles becoming one and my father and Gormash fought. And my father told me to stay out of it. So I did. And while Gormash was getting his dealt to him he saw me as a weakness. And used that to exploit my father. Sadly it worked, I tried to use my hidden blade to get out of it so my father maybe could get even better advantage. But it wasn’t enough as he through me to the ground and look to take the killing blow. Only for my father to save me at the cost of his own life. And I saw my father fall before my eyes. And it was all my fault. And I will have to remember that as I move forward from here on out. I need to become stronger and faster. This wouldn’t have happened to Jabari, yet I am reminded of the huge gap between our abilities. I couldn’t help but want to break down and cry. But with what time? My brother had became so angry he looked to kill every Orc he could see. And I can’t say I was much different. Lee in his transformed state helped clear a path for me to get back to Running Cloud as we fled to the Order of Astrana. The stronghold has fallen in the distant. And so has my father. Because of my weakness and foolishness.

The General's Son
8th Entry

So I wake up the next day in bed and all my blood soaked clothes removed. Apparently I lost consciousness. Pallavi from what I can put together stayed with me the entire time. I swear I would be dead several times over if it wasn’t for her. We rested up properly, burried Rayford and planted a tree where is body lays. I really wish I could have saved him. With everything going on it is definitely time that I make my way back to The Order. And of course see my father on the return trip at the South Gate. So we saddled up the 5 of us and headed west. While the ride was relatively smooth I couldn’t but wonder why a Giant of the North would be so far south? And in the Ring of Fire. Why the fixation on the pendant? The Orcs ambush truly caught me by surprised. Not because it was a strategic attack. But because of their interest in locating the temple. Are they potentially after the pendant as well. What did the Shuram do to create such an ongoing mess? So many thoughts, so many questions. So many lives lost in the quest for information. I am sure that my father is not going to be too happy about this one. We finally make it to the South Gate. Where myself and Jabari were expected by The General himself. Jabari instructs me to change out of my traveling gear before meeting with The General as the King himself would be present as well. So I did as Jabari suggested only to find that we were a bit over dressed. But that is beside the point. The real interesting part was the King’s interest in my findings. And my theories on what is going on. What surprised me even more was seeing my father take me kind of seriously. And for the first time I saw pride in eyes of my accomplishments. I also had my father touch the pendant and watch how it reacted to him. It lit up with a controlled flame. Very different from how it reacted to me and Jabari. I wonder what would happen if Tala and Asha tried it. But things progress pretty much on a forward scale. After my conversation with the King my father actually discussed motives and strategic applications. Potential gaps and even inside help. All after thanking Pallavi for keeping us alive. Which frankly shocked the hell out of all 3 of us. I don’t have much desire for battle tactics and strategy but I must say I rather enjoy the feeling of working alongside my father. This is probably the closest we have ever been. While he would prefer I apply myself to the war room, my strongest use is trying to make sense of everything. Out there digging around piecing together what I can and gathering any information possible. I was asked to stay as a request of my Father due to the roads not being safe for travel back to Astrana. Considering what I have put my father through thus far this would be a good time to listen to him. It was later on that day I met an interesting fellow in the mess hall. 2 actually. One who calls himself Lee and another named Artemis, both Cydonian. Lee was the first one I met while eating. He provided an interesting perspective. Very antagonizing and aggressive. He struck me as someone who is intelligent, and knew how to take care of the information he had. But seemed rather limited in his overall view. But meeting someone who can actually make good points without the entire picture shows a deal of great talent. The other a Cydonian Artemis was definitely a man of the light. There is no question about it. He is pretty smart but does seem a little easy to antagonize. Which Lee seemed to rather enjoy. Honestly I have never met such personalities but it was a great deal of fun to have a bit of a verbal sparring as it were. I met an Elf at the South Gate which was pretty surprising. He wasn’t part of the ranks he just seemed to be here for his own reasons. But for once it’s nice to be able to end a log without bloodshed.

Ring of Fire
7th Entry

So after I have reapplied my information and theories. I was surprised by the arrival of another person. Someone I’d never expected to see. A Green Cloak, more specifically one of their lead covert units. My big brother Jabari Amuru Kugonza. He has agreed to help me see this through. Although it was probably our father’s doing. He has also agreed for me to remain the lead on this journey. With everyone rested up and things seeming to make more sense we head out on our journey. We ride making our way to the entrance of the Ring of Fire. As we approach we start seeing the legendary giant Eagles of Meliora. Running Cloud is quite nervous about them. And frankly so am I. If for whatever reason we become a target that would create another list of problems that I just can’t deal with. But we ride the path that is intended as far as the horses can go. And then the 6 of us scaled the mountainside. Thankfully Roth’s invention came in handy. Although the grappling bolt might have pierced some large bugs and angered them. So that was something else we had to deal with. Damn they smell like shit. But we still managed to get through relatively unharmed. And then we made it to the temple. One that seemed to open up when I touched it. Once inside we saw many great things. Lots of gold, but more importantly Shuram text and glyphs all on the walls. I proceeded and to get graphs and notes of everything there. But when I touched a part of the wall I found myself being separated from the group. But something told me to hold on. I am not entirely sure what drove me to do it. But before I knew it I was sealed off from everyone else. Now forced to go deeper into the temple. I found more glyphs and writings in both the Shuram language and the Rahnukaté. All supporting what was in the journal. I also came to a room with a ring of a small flame like a fire pit. Where I then saw a pendant in the grasp of a skeleton. And as I travel through I find more and more remarkable information. I had finally made a breakthrough. As I some was able to make it back to the rest of the party thanks to Jabari. I tried to get the crew to see what I found. Only for the mass grave I saw earlier to come to life and attack us. I tried to communicate with it. Which did not work out too well. But I noticed that the skeletons did not attack me and Jabari when we re-enter just the 2 of us. So we dumped the skeletons into the pit so researchers can see this place without being attacked. But all in all we did it. I finally made a breakthrough in the Sharum. I had Just taken the information on the Shuram to a new level. I am now the front runner on the Shuram. And getting closer potentially proving that the Zulandé are part of the royalty of the Ancient people thus decsendants. More importantly, maybe the lives lost won’t be in vain. Jabari was a bit angry with me for endangering my life. And not listening to him, which he kinda has a point. But the risk was definitely worth it. As so far myself and Jabari have been the only ones to activate the temple.
The happy moment didn’t last long. As we were making our descent we were ambushed by the same goblin that has escaped from before. And he brought a lot of friends with him. Orcs, ogres and more goblins. But if that wasn’t enough in the midst of the fight a fucking giant appears. If you are reading this, that was not a mistake a fucking giant from the north. It definitely was not there to help the Orcs, but it wasn’t exactly trying to make friends with us wither. He destroyed the Ogre and some Orcs, then started to really set his sights on me. Honestly I think he killed the Ogres and Orcs just for being in his way to get to me. Not sure why a giant would set his sights on me but other than the large pendant I recently took from the temple. If that was the case then he was a guardian of some kind. But that doesn’t make much sense as I was allowed to enter the temple which was safe guarded from outsiders. But I digress, he was definitely looking at me. And while everyone else had their hands full myself and Pallavi were cornered. So to see what his target was I slipped the pendant to Pallavi and told her to run at full speed on my mark. And I would aim to take out his eye with a bolt should he set his sights on her. Well sure enough as she took off running the giants eyes focused on her. And in that brief moment I took advantage and shot the giant in his eye. To my luck it actually connected. He was definitely blinded in one eye and pissed the fuck off. But I took that opportunity to run underneath him to escape. During this attempt he was about to catch me and then Pallavi out of nowhere used some explosives to cause a massive landslide and rearrange the terrain there. Frankly no one could get to the temple except for the ones who have already been there. But the fight continues and with more Orcs and as we all fought to protect each other Rayford had fallen and my brother was injured when it was all. I told Linden and Pallavi to make sure my brother was brought back to the Ranhutkaté village safely while I ride ahead with Rayford. And so I rode all day and night, Running Cloud managed to maintain his pace. Only for me to find out that he had already passed on. And here we are again faced with the question. Is all that I have found worth the life being lost? Especially considering I still have decipher the ancient’s language. Will I be able to translate a lost language? Will I be able to answer the on going questions. Can I put together the puzzle. What if I am wrong about everything? Those lives are on my hands. I don’t want their sacrifice to be in vain. No one was suppose to die. Why can’t I be smart enough to keep people from dying? And before I knew it everything got fuzzy and I was back in the dream.

The Risk for the Reward?
6th Entry

So we have headed back on the road to find this temple. Getting the soldiers to call me Wasalu instead of sir has kind of funny. My father does bring the best out of soldiers. I’m both thankful and worried at what we could encounter out here. But we traveled for a while without incident. But just less than half a days ride from the sacred forest we encounter orcs, goblins and even a couple of ogres. The Sargent took the first bit of damage and we were nearly ambushed. Rayford and the Sargent helped us avoid the ambush but not the fight. I had to take my first lives. But that was not my concern. Getting the Sargent to the forest was priority. Pallavi saved my life. As did the Sargent. We manage to make a dash to the sacred forest. My father was right. It is dangerous and I have put so many lives in danger. The Sargent is okay but he may never fight again. As a result I am now joined by my brother Jabari. This should be interesting. The dreams continue but with way more intensity this time. Am I doing the right thing? Are my notes accurate. And will it cost anymore lives? What will the future hold for me, for us. This will be the last proper rest stop before reaching the temple. So much is at stake. So many lives are in my hands. I pray that it will all be worth it. Not really sure what to do but to re-study everything like I’m cramming for an exam. I can’t afford any mistakes.

Time at the Capital
5th Entry

So I have finally made it to the Capital. The 4 of us get in with no wait. Of course upon my arrival my father is notified. I first checked into my room at the White Horse Tavern. Then quickly made my way to see a gifted Dwarven blacksmith named Doldor. He is quite the interesting character but definitely a funny guy. After some humorous conversation he gave me a good deal on the parts needed for the Ascender Descender. I also made it a point to stop by and see the Goldcrest family. I was formally invited to a dinner by Lord Arthuris so I guess I have dinner plans tomorrow night. A soldier came and delivered a message to me that my father requested a meeting with me in the morning. So naturally I overslept being late to my father’s request. Which did not sit well with him as you can imagine. He was in the middle of a meeting when in the midst of a meeting/strategy session when I arrived. He opted to make me wait as punishment for being late. So I pulled out a book and started reading. Which also pissed him off. Apparently I have a talent for that. But basically my father did not forbid me from going in search of this temple. Turns out he actually sounds almost supportive. Kind of surprising, but he also has some demands. One to not hesitate should I be faced with the enemy orcs. I get myself properly armed. Not just a crossbow. So I had to go see about getting 2 short swords. And the final request was that I go with 4 soldiers. Given the circumstances I couldn’t really say no to him. He doubts my bringing Pallavi along. But I know she is way more gifted at getting into places and opening sealed things than I. To oblige my father I went back to Doldor to see about 2 shortswords. He then referred me to the captain of the training barracks where I was given Aurora and Midnight. Truly master crafted swords. Hopefully I won’t need them. Mr. Hughes as been most hospitable and helpful during this time. Dinner with Goldcrest was entertaining as always, I probably pissed off Geoffram again. But what I got most from my stay here in the Capital was the council of my father. We don’t have many moments like that. So to actually have one before setting back on the road is much needed and appreciated. Even if he doesn’t believe in what I am doing he at least believes in me to some degree. These dreams are still happening and they are becoming more and more clear each time. They are longer in length. Is this all building up to something? I really can’t handle being chosen for some crazy ass adventure right now. Surviving my father and brother is adventure enough. Maybe my dreams are trying to reveal things about this temple to me. Who knows. But I do intend to find out one way or another.


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