... And so it Begins
4th Entry

It is just days before my departure. Pallavi has already agreed to join me on this journey/dig. She has always backed my crazy theories and methods. I definitely appreciate that about her. Roth has surprised me with a very helpful tool. He calls it and ascender descender. I really wish her would find a better name for that thing. But it does need a bit of an upgrade to some of it’s parts. I should be able to take care of that when I stop off into the capital. But first I need to get some special tools for myself and Pallavi should we need to let ourselves into the site carefully without setting off any traps. I also have some plans for an improved gripping gloves but that will take some time and more thought. Moving on I have been going over my notes and finalizing my notes and reconfirming my information. I have to make sure everything is correct before setting out on this journey. Pallavi also managed to get us 2 traveling hands. Rayford and Linden. Rayford is a relatively quiet but observant ranger. Linden is large man loud but has a good heart. Definitely reminds me of a Dwarf. But both men look plenty capable and quite strong. Rayford wakes up earlier than I do. His abilities to scout ahead and gather food from the surrounding area has been quite helpful. We also met a few traveling performers. Quite the interesting fellows they were. Very entertaining even Running Cloud wasn’t bothered by them. It is nice to travel with people who refer to me as Wasalu and not necessarily the General’s son. But as we close into the capital I know that will come to a close. Especially since my father is likely to be there. Hopefully these projects of mine will give him the reason to let me continue on this journey.

Homework and Preparation
3rd Entry

Progress report, in 8 days I have been able to piece together a possible theory. The orcs and Rahnukate at one point shared a perspective. Not at odds with each other. Both under the Sharum. So what was going that had both of these groups inslaved to the Sharum. And what is that bright beam representing? This all seems to be connected to a familiar story. Is this the endless tale of evil vs good? Could the angels be fighting a war older than all of us? And what has really happened in the ring of fire to make the place so distorted and dangerous? What did the Sharum do? Their Pyramids floated in those areas. But one thing that is clear is I now have a map to a temple. I have actually found a way to begin to put the pieces I have together. Now for my next trick. To convince my father. With all the information I have here getting the approval from Sorenos won’t be a problem. And I am sure the librarians will be happy to have a little break from me lol. But seriously I have some how convince my father. Sigh, it looks like I will be having to put together a full functional version of my hidden blade to show him I put some thought into this. As well as my bolt action repeating crossbow. Hopefully that will be enough to convince him to let me go. Otherwise I will have to go with plan B.

RedCloud's Notes
2nd Entry

13 days have past. I have been able to really pick up the scent of my Great Grandfather’s thoughts and theories from his journal. It is quite interesting what I have began to piece together. RedCloud’s desire to get into Astrana was truly in the right direction. I have been able to really dive into a great amount of information here. I was able to find information in relations to Kiva and the Rahnukate amongst other important things. The more answers I find the more questions I have. This seems like a never ending series of questions. But what is really strange is the crazy dreams I have been having as of late. It seems the further I progress the more these the more dreams reveal. First it was clouds and a seemingly endless wasteland. A storm brewing and then being struck by lightning awakening from the dream. If there was ever sign that something big was coming there it is. But the only way for me to find out is to make sense of these dreams is to first make sense of the surrounding mysteries of the Sharum. Who were the Sharum? What happened to the Sharum? How are the Rahnukate and Orcs tied into this? Does this tie into Cydonia? If so, how? Some believe that what I am doing is nonsense. That the Sharum are the Ma’Aleki. And there is no point. But what truths are we missing from this puzzle? Is this a separate puzzle, or is it all connected over several millenniums? But that is me trying to think too far ahead. First I have to see what I have in front of me. Pieces to a puzzle. Different perspectives all trying to tell the same story? Or reveal the same picture? I have to make sure that I don’t over look anything. But my mind needs time to process and run possibilities. Roth has always suggested that look for the function, the reason. Approach these hidden truths the same way I approach my devices. Headmaster Sorenos has always seem to let me just work through my own process. Every now and a again he will engage me with conversation to allow me consider my thoughts differently. I will see what more I can do in the library and in my flat before heading to the Headmaster.

Before It Begins
1st Entry

Here I am just days after my first major dig. To think this all started with my great grandfather Red Cloud’s journal. His thoughts were quite unique to the majority of the Rahnukate. He was just as inquisitive as I am. Curious about our past and the truth within it. It is because of that journal I sought to prove the Rahnukate predate the Cydonians. Despite the angered reactions it got from some people I don’t regret anything about it. It is truth and knowledge which give us the foundation to build on. I am still working on translating the old Rahnukate language as it is a dialect that I have never encountered before. But Red Cloud seemed to speak it just find. As his journals left information which led to me making my first accomplishment as a young archivist. It is a great feeling to both uncover hidden truths and help my people get the recognition they truly deserve. Most enjoyable about this whole thing is I feel a little more connected to someone in my family. I appreciate and love everyone in my family. But sometimes it feels like while they do love me, they merely tolerate me and all of my crazy passions. My little sis Tala has been really the one who has kept me connected and feel so isolated. I know it sounds cheesy but that little girl is really my best friend. Anyway I digress, now that I have uncovered the first of the hidden truths my next step is to focus on the Sharum and all connected. Pallavi has always been there by my side since we have met whether I know it or not. Headmaster Sorenos and Roth have really been a great help to me here. Despite being mundane they place a great deal of faith in my ability. Which is interesting, since that makes me the only one out of us who doubt my ability. While I got much praise from many people in Meliora I just wished that the great general would at least acknowledge my accomplishments instead of seeing me as a disappointment. But then again what can I do I am not a Ranger nor am I Geoffram Goldcrest. Who knows maybe one day we will come to a middle ground. But even if me and the Great General don’t see eye to eye on my accomplishments seeing my mother and my grandparents smile alone was totally worth it.

Isley's Story

It might be time… I doubt many will note the presence of this sad tale on this page for a while.

Click here for the as of yet unfinished tale of Isley Lamia.

Isley’s Log
Mini-sessions and Sessions 1, 2, 3, and 4

Click here for Isley’s log on Google Drive

Formatting did not carry over well. I have linked to this document instead. Updated with the latest session.

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