A Month to Remember
20th Entry

As the time progressed I found myself gaining a place of balance. Darius is also finding his space as well. He is becoming more independent as time goes on. He will most likely become more advance in mathematics and problem solving than artifice. My physical training with Chakotay has really helped me adjust to the new arm. We don’t really speak much when we are together but the training is more intuitive than text book. As a result I have learned to use my dexterity, agility, and speed instead of trying to match power through technique. With the new stance I can move quicker in the snow. I am also able to use the added weight and strength of the new arm in combat with surprising ease. However the cane is still necessary for my daily walking. My physical balance is still slightly off. And while I can compensate for it without the cane it requires a little more energy to do so. With the cane I can manage to keep my explosiveness. Now if I can find a way to get my sword into the cane I might be in good shape. Maybe after I go to bloodstone keep I will look into that.
Aside from the training with Chakotay the work that I have been doing with dwarves have really made the finesse part of my new arm easy. These dwarves are seriously hard working people. And I love it. Honestly I wish was working on more projects like this back in Meliora. Maybe I could’ve prevented a lot of the lives lost. But I can not travel in the past. All I can do is focus on the future. With the “noble houses” having a fit my work is key for our future. Eli and Darius have been monumental in getting things done. And now that I have Roth up here I am able to work at my maximum efficiency. I know he won’t stay up here but I need to get as much done while he is here. It almost seems like a life time since I was able to really focus on a project that didn’t have to do with destruction. And this is the first time I have ever worked on a artifice project of this magnitude. I have to give Eli credit for coming up with the idea to build a city on top of dwarves and using their excess heat to keep everyone warm.
Working for the Dwarves has been hard work, but I love it. Putting my hands back to creativity is always a good familiar feeling. But what’s really cool and kind of interesting is myself, Obsidian, Gabber and Zahid have been knighted. I am not sure how I feel about being referred to by sir as a prefix. But with Obsidian I am happy to know that he is in a position of influence and power. I am not sure what his past is. Or what is up with his shadow. All I know is that throughout this entire madness I have never had to question his intent. Now it is just a matter of making sure that the dwarves respect his name too. Gabber should have been a knight a long time ago. He follows the law better than most who have the title. I am also happy that he has been promoted to general. His strategic mind is definitely something that needs to put to use. And the combination of Obs tactics with Gabber’s strategy is what will definitely help us make it through this. Zahid is another interesting one. He has a lot of compassion. And while sometimes it is out of place it is very much needed. Bringing him into the Maker’s Vault will be good for that very reason. The house of Zahil is one that will be known for it’s compassion and it’s fire.
Eli and his family will be a part of the Kugonza/RedCloud house. At least until he executes a major project. But he deserves a seat at the table. And this is the best I can do for him at the moment. I am not sure what will my house will be known for now. With my family scattered will we be forever fallen? Part of me wants to bring glory to my father’s name. But the other part of me wants be left alone to work. I want to be sure my family can be safe. Maybe I should have my sister teleport up here. Provided the church of the light doesn’t try to stop her. I do miss having them here. And with Chakotay up here it would be nice to be able to figure this whole thing out with family around. But I must be patient. Timing is everything. I am not suited to be a knight. Let alone be the face of major house. What if I fail. I don’t want to be what ends the legacy of Kugonza or RedCloud. But at last, I can’t entertain those thoughts. Not now, not ever. I think this is first time I really have put this much thought towards my family or my father. Oh I miss him so much. Being able to meditate with Darius has helped me really honor and mourn my father in introducing him to Darius mentally.

Bullshit in it's Finest Hour
19th Entry

It has been quite some time since I really sat down and picked up a pen. Well I got the answers I needed about the bombing. And it was definitely the Cydonian church. They wasted no time with that. And frankly I can’t say that I blame them. Lamia was attempting to create others like him. But that wasn’t going to happen one way or the other. What I don’t get is why let me in on their reasons for the decision making? Something isn’t right. Also they wasted no time getting those damn explosives off but still haven’t given me any other aid. Can’t say that I am too surprised. It is the church after all. But it was too little too late. It seems like I have made a true enemy out of Lamia. But that is besides the point. I have so much work to do. Crunching numbers. Helping people. Bonding with Darius. Which I am not sure if it was a good idea to bring in another life. I am just hoping he learns quickly. Elijah did manage to give me some hope and remind me of what I was doing this for. His ideas for a proper city atop the Dwarvern kingdom. The annoying girl Heirophant turned out to be a killer with a twisted sense of justice. I agreed to take responsibility for her for our travels. But on another note the so called noble houses took control in the Queen’s absence. And with the Queen missing we didn’t have the time to really put up much of a fight. We set out to the Dwarves in hope that we can beg the King to take us in. Especially given the unknown but likely status of the Queen. And of course we encountered quite a few enemies. Fuck I hate Mondays…

So as we continued up the mountain we encountered more enemies. This time it was frost giants. For he most part the battle went well. Except I got the shit smacked out of me. And I lost my arm. Along with probably a couple of broken ribs. I am really not made for this hero life. But to my surprise the group actually came to my rescue. From what they told me I was unconscious for a little bit. But they pumped me full of potions and alcohol. So after the dragon popping up and eating frost Giants I don’t really remember much of anything else regarding the journey. But apparently I showed up to the Dwarven kingdom completely wasted. Not one of my finest moments. Frankly this whole trip has been quite the shit show for me. I failed to keep the Queen safe, Dax is killed. The “Noble Houses” took control and now I am writing this with the only arm I have. Yep this is some bullshit in it’s finest hour…

What's next?
18th Entry

The battle is done. And only for a moment, we are victorious. Lamia went to do battle and has killed Gormash. Meanwhile I continued to ensure the Queen’s safety. I figure if I can do that I can at least add to my father’s legacy. When I found out about the falling of Gormash I felt nothing. No relief, no joy, no satisfaction, rage, anger, or sorry. All I could think about is everything else that was still ahead of us. But we seem to be heading in the right direction. Shortly after the battle there were some celebrations. I opted to not take part in any as I had much that still needed my attention. I continued my work on prepping the wagons for the upcoming mountain trail towards the dwarves. Unfortunately I something else went wrong while I was working yet again. And in true fashion it was Lamia. Again. This guy is a serious liability. threatening the Queen and storming off after being caught trying to sacrifice another human. Man this guy is exhausting.

Anyway Lamia storms off in his usual fashion, except this time he is threatening the Queen. He also manages to kills Dax which makes things quite difficult for a number of things. But I can only deal with things one at a time. So I start off by going to see what Lamia’s intentions were. It seemed pretty clear that he was making the Queen his enemy therefor making me his enemy. I am almost tempted to offer him up to Sharla in trade for my great grandfather’s journal. But who knows what kind of trouble that will create for me. Anyways upon my return I still have to deal with the problem Dax’s death creates for everyone in the caravan. Everyone wants the power, but I am almost certain of what will happen once the power shift into the so called noble houses. I fear that with everything going Meliora may be a thing of the past. Trying to keep up with all of this along with prepping a counter is taking a huge toll on me yet again. I really wish my family was here, I could use their wisdom and help here.

Our scouts pick up a smaller caravan a bit of a distance from us. It is a interesting mixture of humans, and orcs. More importantly Nathaniel and Sylvia Westbrook are amongst them. They are working for the same goal as we are. Which should make things interesting as dwarves and orcs aren’t the best of friends to begin with. Plus the complication of the war with the Meliorian citizens. But after some talks the Queen extends the olive branch in hopes of beginning a new. Oryan Gabber is among this group. He is an old friend of my father and frankly it is nice to see someone who knew my father. Shortly after things began to settle explosions go off in the distance. We ride off to the explosion only to find many of Lamia’s cult killed and buried under rubble and rocks. He blames me for the attack. He was willing to give me the day to figure out what was going on. But before we could leave Obs decides he is going to try to move forward and heal everyone. Lamia told us not to take another step and was giving me time to figure it out. I told Obs to stand down but he decided to move forward anyway. Can’t say that I blame him. There were a lot of people hurt. Unfortunately that resulted in a attack by Lamia, that resulted in Ludwig’s death. It also gave him the opportunity to grab the Queen and fly off with her. None of us could follow which only led to more difficulties. The crime lords smell the change in the air and take their chance to capitalize on it. Oryan was able to advise me in the situation as best he could. Things are at a somewhat stalemate. But they have all of the leverage. Which isn’t good for the people. But it is the best that can be done in the situation.

In the midst of all this going on some annoying ass girl decides she wants to asks me a bunch of questions and hang around my workshop during this level of chaos. The fuck does she thinks this is. I do not have the time or patience. My friend is dead, my family is gone and there are people looking to me for answers. To top it off Oryan is referring to me as a general and the hero of the people. I don’t want the position. I am a tinkerer and archivist. I build things, fix shit and read a lot. Sigh. I am not a hero, or a warrior. I am completely out classed here. Everyone else has these unique abilities. And I can’t even finish building anything major until I get to the dwarves. I need to do some serious digging and figure out what is what. I don’t have much time as I need to ride north in the morning. But before I call it a night I need to get some answers about the todays bombing. I need to think about what to do to get the Queen back. After some preliminary diggin I found the answers I was seeking. I also had my suspicions confirmed. I suppose the next trick is how to make that work in my favor. Mimi haja ya kuwajulisha Pallavi wa kila kitu nimejifunza . Kwa matumaini kwamba yeye atakuwa kushiriki kwa vivuli bendera

Hopefully I will not have failed everyone when it is all said and done…

Building Blocks?
17th Entry

After speaking with Lamia he seems to be lusting after power. He wants to be King. But he does not really want companionship. He is also open to suggestion and helping build a counter attack against Sharla and her army. Ludwig is interested in further study of Umbradolous. And so is Lamia. M na-eche ndị ọzọ mkpụrụ obi nke dị na umbradolous na-amalite na n’ezie ime ka ụfọdụ mbipụta na esemokwu na ya. M ọchịchọ ịmata ịhụ ihe ọzọ bụ na e nwere na ọ bụrụ na m nwere ike ikwurịta okwu na ndị ọzọ na kwadoro. But we will see how that goes.M zutere na Church nke ìhè. Ha ka na-achọ ozi na Lamia na ugbu a, ha nwere mmasị na Aarna si agụba dị ka mma. M na-akọrọ ha ụfọdụ nke elu ọmụma banyere Lamia. M ga-ịchịkwa ihe ọmụma m hapụ ha. Ha dị njikere nwere enyere m aka na-ewu Onye kere si volt. Ma m mkpa iji jide n’aka na m na-enwe na-ewu a ike ntọala mbụ. Ọ bụrụ na m na-adịghị chọọchị ga-na ọnọdụ weghara na anyị nwere ike na-enweghị na-eme. M kwusịrị eke m coded asụsụ. M ga-eziga Ama n’Ashterọt na Curator na ha nwere ike mgbe ịzụlite ma na-eso koodu n’etiti anyị etinyekwu. O yiri ka ha bụ ndị ihe banyere chọpụtara n’ihi na oge ịbụ. Ma ha ga-emecha mee ka onye na-anwa. Echeghị m na na m ga-a nhọrọ a agbachitere ọzọ. The ọzọ Lamia na-emere ndị Queen na ike ọ bụ n’ihi na chọọchị na-eme ka a aga megide ya. Yiri ka ha na-enwe ihe zubere maka emeso ndị n’ihe ize ndụ site n’ebe ndịda. Ma onye maara, ha na-ịbụ a bit dodgy. Ihe m hụrụ na-akpali bụ na mgbe m jụrụ banyere nwere nye nke Meliora apụghị m na-azịza. Nke a bụ mfịna dị ka ha dị njikere ịgba chaa chaa na ndụ nke Sọl wee ọtụtụ. This secret puts both Meliorans and Dwarves at risk. When I translate I will really have to play hard ball with these people. I also managed to meet with Aarna. He has a somewhat interesting past. But what else can be expected from an Elf over a century. Ya agụba e gafeere ya si onye zụrụ ya. Agụba naanị gafere ka ya mgbe otu nwaanyị ọ hụrụ n’anya nwụrụ. Ọ na- nọ na- ada nke onye zụrụ Aarna . Nke m na-ahụ na-akpali n’ezie . Ọ bụ ike chọpụta na mkpụrụ obi n’ime agụba ma bụ enweghị ike mmekota na ya. Nke yiri nnọọ yiri Umbradolous. Beyond that there isn’t much information Aarna himself can or will provide me. N’ihi ya, m ga-arụ ọrụ na asụgharị agụba onwe ya. But in the mean time Aarna is willing to teach how to improve my fighting. He is also willing to teach me the desert fighting style. Which is great what I learn I can then share with the Queen. Na ikpeazụ ma ọ dịghị ihe ọzọ m chọpụtara na ezinụlọ m dị ndụ ma na -ọma n’ime Cydonian mgbidi. Mr. Hughes ezinụlọ ka njem na ezinụlọ m ka mma. Mama m kpebiri na ezinụlọ m zuru ike a bit na -emeghe a ahịa. M na-atụ ọ nọgidere na eme ka ya ụzọ isi obodo. Ma abụ m obi ụtọ n’ezie na onye ọ bụla bụ nchebe. Ma, ọ dịghị eme ka m na-eche ihe bụ Ashford si ọnọdụ. Ma ọ bụ ọnọdụ nke ndị fọdụrụ nke ezinụlọ m. My nwanne mama , ụmụnne m na , ụmụnne papa ka unaccounted maka. M olileanya na Goldcrest bụ na dị ka mma. M mkpa n’ezie enyemaka ya ugbu a karịa mgbe ọ bụla.

In Between
16th Entry

It seems like much time has passed but in reality it has only been a little over a week. After meeting with both Roth and Lightweave it seems like it is now possible to get the things started. I have opted to share some of the information with the party as a whole. But frankly I doubt any of them will actually help. Ihe m ịchọpụta banyere Artemis ihe m na-aghọta na ọ bụrụ na m ike imere nri ụdị njikọ na chọọchị. Maybe I could build a network to surpass the Crimson Shadow. But that would require a lot of things to fall into place. M ka mgbagwoju anya banyere Goldcrest ma nwanne m nwoke bụ n’ụzọ doro anya na-aga . Ugbu a na m mere na kọntaktị na chọọchị nke ìhè m mkpa na-amalite amalite na-eme ọrụ na-eme ka njikọ na iji wuo m na netwọk. I am also close to translating the languages of the ancients. Reaching out to Lamia with the help of Ludwig may prove useful. I am still not certain if he is reliable or not. After seeing what Lamia and Aarna can do in battle they need to be informed. Besides it will do us no good if Sharla and those that stand with her know more about what is going on than our party. Looks like it might be time to start sharing some information. Ludwig may not find any interest. But Zahet, Lamia and Aarna will definitely appreciate it.Ma eleghị anya, m ga- eme ka ha n’ime Onye kere si volt ji nwayọọ nwayọọ na. But we will see how that will progress. I am sure that Lamia is going to try to do something utilizing the black blade of Aarna. Until I can fully translate the text there isn’t much I can do about it. But I am getting close I can feel it. Not needing much sleep has definitely helped me in that progress. But I don’t dream anymore. And that greatly concerns me. Not to mention constructing my mind palace has become a little difficult. I think after this trip is complete I will have to remove the ring of sustenance. In the meantime I have a lot of work to do and this is probably the ideal time to get it done. I have also met a freshman from Astrana eager to learn so it looks like I have taken on an apprentice for the time being. He is smart, and he has the spark. His potential is remarkable as long as he doesn’t get ahead of himself. And after speaking with the Queen it seems like we are back to were we use to be with each other. Which is good I could use some normalcy in my life once in a while. But I digress, having Dax run things has greatly helped everyone. I know that the Queen is uneasy about it and doesn’t trust him. Frankly I don’t blame her. But he is something that is needed. Lastly I think some adjustments need to be made in order to protect the Queen. I will try my best to teach her what I can in regards to combat. I will also arm her with a hidden blade as well. She might as well be able to defend herself as best as possible. But I think it is something that will have to remain between the 2 of us for the time being. We are approaching our next stopping point. Looks like we are all in a transition point. Hopefully we will become more than what we are.

15th Entry

I continue to study the information gained from the capital. I think I will have made the necessary progress to be up to date. The collaborative efforts of the team has made travel quite easy. Methods to extend food and water. Making travel a lot easier for the elderly and children and setting up traps to keep distance while chipping away at their numbers. I must say this taking it easy business is a nice change of pace. I am able to analyze my thoughts. Study information and even continue to develop my personal projects. We have arrived about 8 hours outside of Belaros. Home. Belaros is a crazy place. And far from paradise. But with all that is going on. I miss it. To avoid complications with the Princess’s arrival myself and Artemis decided to ride ahead. We get to the outer area and notice a camp has been set up for refugees trying to escape the orc hoard. After further investigation we decided to head to the gate. We were met by a couple of guards who were less than hospitable. But my family’s crest got us into the Belaros. After a talk with the Mayor I find out that the Goldcrest died just before the King surrendered. If Goldcrest followed my instructions then there is a chance that he and others may be still alive. I do hope my family made it out of the capital as well. But with everything that has happened that makes the Princess, now the Queen. This will be hard on her as it would be hard on most. Thankfully I will have time to figure out how to tell her. In the meantime I will see who all made it up here from Astrana. While searching for the Westbrooks I managed to run into The Curator Master Jonas Lightweave. Ngemuva ingxoxo ebanzi kuvela sikwazi basizane. Ufuna kabusha Museum and umtapo. Nakuba mina ukwakha inethiwekhi komhlaba. Sobabili kudingeka izinto ukuhlala ethule futhi ebusweni. With ezweni umndeni wami ukuthi nakanjani kalula kwenziwa. With Roth here I can possibly get him to help with creating the Muumba wa kuba. After my meeting with Lightweave I managed to catch up with Roth. Apparently no one has been able to get ahold of Headmaster Sorenos. I hope he is okay. Roth ivumile ukujoyina nami futhi Jonas amabombo ezweni umndeni wami. This is perfect. Finally some key pieces are falling in place. And with these 2 in place that saves me a huge amount of time and work. Not to mention an added resource. I am not sure who I can let in on this, within our group. Ludwig is definitely needed. Possibly Artemis although I am a little cautious of his agendas. I feel like there is more to be discussed with him. But definitely a likely person. Obs will probably stay with the Orc Kingdom once we get there. Zahet is an interesting one. While I have no reason to mistrust him I fear that his open nature could put me in a dangerous position. And that leaves Isley Lamia. He is definitely powerful and Intelligent. But he is selfish and quite bratty. Not to mention arrogant. His arrogance and brat like behavior makes me heavily question of what he can be trusted with. After his short sighted behavior and is inability to humble himself I have determined that he is more of a liability than an asset. And can not be trusted with the lives of those depending on me. The Queen will still need me for some things. So I will stay close enough to be of use to her. But in order for me to move forward with Muumba wa kuba and everything else that is to come I can not worry about Lamia and the Orcs all the time. So I have to pick my battles and my moments. And this is not my time. Nor is it a battle I can win right now. My focus is on my brother and the rest of those willing to fight.

14th Entry

So the choice to go from a quick stealth mission to a convoy has been made by the princess. But encouraged by Lamia. I regretfully revealed my presence to everyone to help the princess this time. But I can not afford to do so again. I fear that I have put others at risk by doing this. This is probably the last time I help with this choice. I have been spending more of my time and energy checking on everyone. And scouting with Artemis. To add onto things we had to engage the Orc scouting party. I have been injured and my body simply doesn’t have anything left in the tank. And it’s only been one day. And I still have not addressed everything else that needs to be done before reaching Bellaros. I thought this was a terrible idea when it was suggested. Now I know it is. No way in hell I can do this all the way to the Dwarven mountains. I still have the other part of my mission that I have not been able to do. Something has to give and the rest of Meliora is depending on my success. I spoke with the princess in regard to her less than please attitude with me. I held my tongue for the princess. We have come to some understanding. But my choices are clear and I need to be smart even if that means everyone else think of me to be cold and cruel. Far too much is at stake to be concerned with bruised egos and hurt feelings. I had a surprising but long overdue conversation with Lamia. His words were none to surprising to me. But his tone seem to catch my curiosity a little. His strategy is clear but I still question the chance of it’s success. A dozen men do not stand a chance against a hoard of Orcs. I will continue to work with Ludwig on a few gifts for our angry friends in the meantime. I have a lot to consider and plan before I can progress properly. Fortunately the pace that we are moving at is slow enough for me to make up for the lost time. But I also need to compensate by pushing my progress ahead by at least 36-48 hours. At the very least I will be able to continue on constructing my library.

A Letter to Pallavi

Pallavi I just want to start out by thanking you for everything you’ve done for me. From being a good friend to saving my life countless times. Plus my brother’s life. I can not thank you enough. Inside this box is everything I was able to find on your father, rather where he is from. Unfortunately my knowledge is really limited. But it might give you some points to start when this is all over. You have my word that if I am still alive that I will help you in your search. Isa bŏksa kē sātha maiṁ uttara diśā mēṁ yātrā karanē kā irādā mārga hai. Aba maiṁ hara kisī kē li’ē agalē kyā hō rahā hai yakīna nahīṁ kara rahā. Lēkina mujhē lagatā hai ki maiṁ aisā karanē kā prayāsa karēṅgē kyā patā hai. Tumhēṁ patā hai maiṁ jā rahā hūm̐ aura mērē parivāra kō kahām̐ jā rahā hai, jahāṁ patā hai. Maiṁ apanē kāma khatma karanē kē bāda maiṁ apanē svayaṁ kē kasṭama bhāṣā kē vikāsa kē li’ē karība hōnā cāhi’ē. Yōjanā ēka bhūta nēṭavarka banānē kē li’ē hai. Pūrī taraha uga aura Golvorithians khilāpha pratirōdha pradāna karanē kē prayāsa mēṁ hara kisī sē chipā. Śāyada yaha bhī sahī mātrā mēṁ lōgōṁ kē li’ē iṇṭēla pradāna karatē haiṁ. Yaha apanī mūla bhāṣā mēṁ likhā hai aura ēka kāraṇa kē li’ē kōḍita hai. Usakē bāda usē jalā isa patra para āpa kē li’ē chōṛa diyā sūcī kē li’ē isa adhyayana. Isa patra kō lē jā rahā thā ki bŏksa ēka viśiṣṭa tālā hai aura isē sudhāranē kē li’ē apanē jñāna kī jarūrata hai. Hama milatē haiṁ agalī bāra. Hama ēka dūsarē kō dēkhatē haiṁ, tō phira maiṁ isa māmalē para apanē nōṭsa aura sujhāvōṁ kē li’ē tatpara hōgā. Maiṁ taba taka usa para sudhāra hai.

Paścima nālē mahilā mērē li’ē ēka samāna laṭakana hai.
Maiṁ apanē parivāra kī bhūmi sē banda hō jā’ēgā
sampatti para chipā ḍibbōṁ mēṁ ēka chōṭē sē adhika jānakārī nahīṁ hōgī
yahām̐ para bāhara sē racanā kē rūpa mēṁ mērē mēkarsa mārka kē li’ē dēkhō

In Route/Reflection
13th Entry

So we managed to slam together some crazy ass plan to leave quickly. Geoffram was made aware just before I left. Same with my family. Somehow we managed to escape without involving too many people. And now that all of this is done, it is time that I grow up and stop allowing myself to be distracted. I can now give proper focus to everything at stake. Knowing what was sacrificed for the information I lost, but according to Amir I have it all in my mind. So it is time I start going on my own recovery mission until I find Headmaster Sorenos. Pallavi aliniambia kuwa karatasi za inquisitor takatifu ya si kweli. Kwa kweli amekuwa akifanya kazi chini ya jina uongo. Haina kufanya mimi ajabu nini siri hakuweza kuwa mafichoni? Na sasa nina kuwa Architect kwa roho kitengo. Mimi lazima pia kuendeleza lugha ambazo zinaweza wote wamesikia na kuona katika ndege mbele bila kupata mawazo ya kila mtu . Kitu ambacho si kwa urahisi kutafsiriwa lakini rahisi kutosha kukumbuka. The rest of the time I have to meditate and figure out how to get everything I have ever seen to be accessible. A lot is at stake. And with no help from Cydonia things are about to become extremely difficult. But not impossible. But first the princess needs to get to safety. The church is aware of our last location which is why we had to leave when we did. Hopefully we were able to move fast enough to not be followed. The first night I have the princess stay out of town as we can not risk anybody know she is here. And I am able to really focus on recovering my information which is working. Before I fall asleep I lay awake reflecting on everything my father, Amir and Arthures said to me about time slowing down in combat. I seem to be getting a lot better at. I can control when it happens in combat. And I am able to do it more often. The time length always varies. But I am really getting the hang of this. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. Also a lot of people have been questioning if my inventions are really me? Meanwhile I being told that I am wasting my time if I don’t apply my ingenuity to combat related things. I mean what am I suppose to do. Both are needed right now. There are times where I need the extra help in combat. And there are times where I will need to recover objects quickly and quietly. Why can’t people understand that? If that means I become viewed as my father’s son, then I welcome it. What I accomplished before his passing made proud of me for the first time. And that seem to be finding my own ground to stand on. It is nice to finally have a night to sort these thoughts. For the first time in a while I can sleep peacefully.

A King's Request/A surprised Target
12th Entry

So upon our entry with the guards we were met with stares because of the Orc that was accompanied us. I noticed that the man leading the strike squad is none other than my old friend Linden. I explained everything to him and all was well again. It felt a little weird to have to assert myself among the soldiers. But I did it without even thinking in the moment. We went to be debriefed by Goldcrest and the King. We caught him up on everything that was happening outside of the walls. And he had a very interesting request that frankly caught me off guard. He asked that we take his daughter up North. Everyone else around me agreed without question. And Lamia agreed for some crazy price I am sure. I told the King that I needed a moment to process everything. I have been dealing with problems and chaos for the better part of 2 months. And I simply needed time to think and be with my family. The King understood and granted me the time. So the first thing I did was speak to my Mother. I told my mother what happened and the kind of person Lamia is. Mimi pia aliiambia mama yangu kuhusu taarifa mwalimu mkuu wangu alinipa juu ya nguvu za giza. I really needed her council. She told me bíak’is, ánííníshní ak’is. I knew she was right, but man it is definitely going to be a challenge. I spoke with mom about helping the capital and potentially leaving this place and heading somewhere safe. I spoke with Asha on the matter as well. And we had a bit of a back and forth about it. But agreed that it did need to happen. After a day of spending with my family and getting some of my things repaired and replaced I went to the King to give him my answer. I told him that I would get the princess to the North. But I did ask him why me? After all I am no warrior. Apparently it was Geoffram Goldcrest who gave me the recommendation. I was also told to meet with him as well. I had make a request just in case things got out of hand when we reached our destination. I first went to try to retrieve my books from my safe out in the field. So I snuck out by myself and into the Orcs camps only to find someone had picked one of my locks. And completely emptied the safe. I also heard about the Witch running things there. That has to be Sharla. But I lost my temper a little, and thought since they want to read my things so badly I will make sure that is the only thing they can do. And I blew up there supply. Then rushed back to the Capital timed with the Calvary. My trip wasn’t totally a loss. A horse from a fallen soldier is how I made it back in one piece. Covered in blood but in one piece and she was gifted to me by the leader of that Calvary strike. Apparently weeks after my father’s passing my name still carries a bit of gravity around the soldiers. I have to be careful how many of them see me. thankfully it was only a few high ranking members. I was still angry and wanted to take vengeance. I went to the only other person who was like a father figure to me. Arthures Goldcrest himself. His insight was invaluable, and what I really needed to hear. I was provided with a change of clothes and headed to see Geoffram. He wasn’t too happy about what I had did. More so the risk I took. We had an in depth conversation and came to a understanding of everything that was at stake. I then went to speak Asha again about what I had found out. We then had an intense conversation about the information at hand. And why it was being targeted. My archeological finds and research accelerated a plan countless years in the making. Astrana was a long planned strike point. We in our quest for knowledge collect the bones which provides them with an army already there. The Shuram necromancer circle in the wing of darkness is what boosted the power and range of the spells at work. Thus making me the target of whoever has been planning this whole thing over the years. I pushed things ahead probably by decades on in. The temple was a place of necromancy and I helped them. Or did I complicate things. If I laid everything out as easy as I think there would be no need to look for me. There must be something or somethings missing. There are still going to try to search for me. Meaning my family needs to leave shortly after I do. I told Asha and Amir what needed to happen where they needed to go. I told Geoffram of my findings. And while he doesn’t always see the point in them he can’t deny their relevance. Mimi nilimwambia nini alikuwa anakuja. Mimi nilimwambia yeye mahitaji ya kuwa roho. Tunaweza kujenga mtandao chini ya ardhi. Kisha kuingiliwa mimi kuonyesha yangu barua akisema maneno sawa sana. Katika hati kaka yangu. Geoffram apologized to me, but I understood his reasons. Shínaaí liná! Shił bééhózin.


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