... And so it Begins

4th Entry

It is just days before my departure. Pallavi has already agreed to join me on this journey/dig. She has always backed my crazy theories and methods. I definitely appreciate that about her. Roth has surprised me with a very helpful tool. He calls it and ascender descender. I really wish her would find a better name for that thing. But it does need a bit of an upgrade to some of it’s parts. I should be able to take care of that when I stop off into the capital. But first I need to get some special tools for myself and Pallavi should we need to let ourselves into the site carefully without setting off any traps. I also have some plans for an improved gripping gloves but that will take some time and more thought. Moving on I have been going over my notes and finalizing my notes and reconfirming my information. I have to make sure everything is correct before setting out on this journey. Pallavi also managed to get us 2 traveling hands. Rayford and Linden. Rayford is a relatively quiet but observant ranger. Linden is large man loud but has a good heart. Definitely reminds me of a Dwarf. But both men look plenty capable and quite strong. Rayford wakes up earlier than I do. His abilities to scout ahead and gather food from the surrounding area has been quite helpful. We also met a few traveling performers. Quite the interesting fellows they were. Very entertaining even Running Cloud wasn’t bothered by them. It is nice to travel with people who refer to me as Wasalu and not necessarily the General’s son. But as we close into the capital I know that will come to a close. Especially since my father is likely to be there. Hopefully these projects of mine will give him the reason to let me continue on this journey.



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