Moving Through the Shadows

23rd Entry

The teleportation has worked successfully. Everyone and everything is here safe and sound. It is best that we move throughout the cover of night and stars. Travel through the forest and woods. Using the cover of nature as well to add to our stealth. I know these areas well enough to lead us through them safely. Also less people on the route and less chances for alterations. Not too many travel through them. I do not doubt our capabilities in a fight. But I don’t want to take unnecessary risk with the Queen. I just there is enough forest and woods left for us to be able to quietly travel through.
The travel seems really quiet which is odd for a forest. But these are odd times. And I am in the presence of odd company. Mainly Rashid. I know this asshole is evil. But he is a necessary evil unfortunately. But I must be prepared in all potential situations. Fortunately no one trusts him. But I must stay focused on the task at hand. Something is truly wrong with the forest. It is extremely quiet. The animals seem skiddish. They are terrified of our presence. They’ve been giving us a wide birth. Has this place truly been defiled to such extremes? These fireflies seem to be the only thing not frightened by us. Rashid seems to be sensing something off about the area. Neutral in it’s alignment. Maybe the work of a Nature Walker(Druid) in the area.
We have come across the foul stench of corpses near by. They appear to be goblins and orcs. Some with and without weapons. Not really sure what happened to them. Although if I had to take a guess a strong Nature Walker might have done this. But this is really far north for my people to have traveled considering the territory has been compromised. Who knows, it is probably best to not really investigate and keep moving. We don’t have the time to waste on this. The fireflies seem to have grown in number. They seem to be slowly moving towards Ghorak. And of course it’s the spirit of the forest manifested. It is angry. Unfortunately talking to it is impossible without my mom or uncle. It doesn’t even respond to the ancient language of my people. So we had no choice but to fight it off. No one around me seems to understand the severity of what this means. Nor the sadness I feel for having to harm it. Instead they want to celebrate as if what we did was glorious. Not understanding we potentially killed Nature’s protector. Sigh. This is why I spend so much time in solitude. I just hope the prayer of balance will allow it to rise again to protect the balance within.



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