What's next?

18th Entry

The battle is done. And only for a moment, we are victorious. Lamia went to do battle and has killed Gormash. Meanwhile I continued to ensure the Queen’s safety. I figure if I can do that I can at least add to my father’s legacy. When I found out about the falling of Gormash I felt nothing. No relief, no joy, no satisfaction, rage, anger, or sorry. All I could think about is everything else that was still ahead of us. But we seem to be heading in the right direction. Shortly after the battle there were some celebrations. I opted to not take part in any as I had much that still needed my attention. I continued my work on prepping the wagons for the upcoming mountain trail towards the dwarves. Unfortunately I something else went wrong while I was working yet again. And in true fashion it was Lamia. Again. This guy is a serious liability. threatening the Queen and storming off after being caught trying to sacrifice another human. Man this guy is exhausting.

Anyway Lamia storms off in his usual fashion, except this time he is threatening the Queen. He also manages to kills Dax which makes things quite difficult for a number of things. But I can only deal with things one at a time. So I start off by going to see what Lamia’s intentions were. It seemed pretty clear that he was making the Queen his enemy therefor making me his enemy. I am almost tempted to offer him up to Sharla in trade for my great grandfather’s journal. But who knows what kind of trouble that will create for me. Anyways upon my return I still have to deal with the problem Dax’s death creates for everyone in the caravan. Everyone wants the power, but I am almost certain of what will happen once the power shift into the so called noble houses. I fear that with everything going Meliora may be a thing of the past. Trying to keep up with all of this along with prepping a counter is taking a huge toll on me yet again. I really wish my family was here, I could use their wisdom and help here.

Our scouts pick up a smaller caravan a bit of a distance from us. It is a interesting mixture of humans, and orcs. More importantly Nathaniel and Sylvia Westbrook are amongst them. They are working for the same goal as we are. Which should make things interesting as dwarves and orcs aren’t the best of friends to begin with. Plus the complication of the war with the Meliorian citizens. But after some talks the Queen extends the olive branch in hopes of beginning a new. Oryan Gabber is among this group. He is an old friend of my father and frankly it is nice to see someone who knew my father. Shortly after things began to settle explosions go off in the distance. We ride off to the explosion only to find many of Lamia’s cult killed and buried under rubble and rocks. He blames me for the attack. He was willing to give me the day to figure out what was going on. But before we could leave Obs decides he is going to try to move forward and heal everyone. Lamia told us not to take another step and was giving me time to figure it out. I told Obs to stand down but he decided to move forward anyway. Can’t say that I blame him. There were a lot of people hurt. Unfortunately that resulted in a attack by Lamia, that resulted in Ludwig’s death. It also gave him the opportunity to grab the Queen and fly off with her. None of us could follow which only led to more difficulties. The crime lords smell the change in the air and take their chance to capitalize on it. Oryan was able to advise me in the situation as best he could. Things are at a somewhat stalemate. But they have all of the leverage. Which isn’t good for the people. But it is the best that can be done in the situation.

In the midst of all this going on some annoying ass girl decides she wants to asks me a bunch of questions and hang around my workshop during this level of chaos. The fuck does she thinks this is. I do not have the time or patience. My friend is dead, my family is gone and there are people looking to me for answers. To top it off Oryan is referring to me as a general and the hero of the people. I don’t want the position. I am a tinkerer and archivist. I build things, fix shit and read a lot. Sigh. I am not a hero, or a warrior. I am completely out classed here. Everyone else has these unique abilities. And I can’t even finish building anything major until I get to the dwarves. I need to do some serious digging and figure out what is what. I don’t have much time as I need to ride north in the morning. But before I call it a night I need to get some answers about the todays bombing. I need to think about what to do to get the Queen back. After some preliminary diggin I found the answers I was seeking. I also had my suspicions confirmed. I suppose the next trick is how to make that work in my favor. Mimi haja ya kuwajulisha Pallavi wa kila kitu nimejifunza . Kwa matumaini kwamba yeye atakuwa kushiriki kwa vivuli bendera

Hopefully I will not have failed everyone when it is all said and done…



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